We provide Glass Bead Blasting Services and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This service is also known as Shot Blasting Job Work Services.

The Industrial glass bead blasting services provide by ASP Ultra Coating, and you can expect the superior result. Our glass bead blasting services are free from free lead, iron and, silica, they are manufactured from around 70% of high-grade soda-lime-silica glass. We apply the low air pressure on a surface to get the best result for glass bead blasting.

Our glass bead process removes paint, rust, and corrosion from all types of metals, and creates a clean, bright, uniform matte texture. ASP Ultra Coating follows the process for glass bead blasting in which a surface can be cleaned without any damage.

Our glass bead blasting processes can also corrosion resistance. The price for glass bead blasting is determined by the type and size of the projects. ASP Ultra Coating also provides custom design in the specification as demanded by customers.


  • Can be used on decorative parts.
  • Used for restoration process of cars and trucks.
  • Low cost process.

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