We provide Electropolishing Services and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This product is also known as Electropolishing Job Work.

ASP Ultra Coating is a supplier of a wide range of Electropolishing Services; we can help you to improve your application. As one of India’s Electro polishing companies, ASP Ultra Coating, We offer Electro polishing services in various finishes in order to meet the different requirements of our clients.

Our Electropolishing Services produce the most spectacular result on 300 series stainless series. ASP Ultra Coating provides a wide range of product and industry applications for Electropolishing like architectural, automotive, medical, textiles, etc.

The result of our Electro polishing appears bright, shiny, and comparable to mirror finishes of bright chrome. It improves surface reflectivity. We use high-quality acids and appropriate electric current to enhance the surface of the component.


  • Reduce buffing and grinding cost.
  • Improve adhesion in subsequent plating.
  • Reduce surface friction.
  • Brightening and burr removal.

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