We provide Anodizing Services and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This product is also known as Anodizing Job Work.

At ASP Ultra Coating, we specialize in anodizing, we offer our services to manufacturers and meet both professional and government specifications.

Our highly trained staff focuses on customer satisfaction. Our staff is made up of chemical engineers, chemists, mechanics and skilled technical operators who are ready to help you create your anodizing solution.

These customers continue to partner with us for their anodizing needs as we have a proven track record of quality and service. We are here to help with your anodizing needs. Our expertise in bright dipping lines, color selection and custom color abilities and anodic coatings helps us secure a finish that completely separates us from our competition.

We understand that it is up to you to deliver part of our customer’s success and we are partners for success automatically. With this commitment to excellence in mind, we are focusing on improving our operations to maximize our customers’ expectations


  • Corrosion resistance increases.
  • Material retains its appearance for longer.
  • Creates a hard, wear-resistant layer that properly protects the underlying aluminium.
  • Anodized parts maintain good color stability when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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