Since began its humble voyage in 2007, ASP Ultra Coating well-known as leading electroplating services in Bhosari, Pune. Under the support of Proprietor,
Mr. Amar Singh Parihar, ASP Ultra Coating grows very rapidly and has become the recognized name in the electroplating Industry.

We are committed to offering a complete range of electroplating services like electroless nickel plating, nickel-chrome plating, hard chrome plating, electropolishing, glass bead blasting, and buffing, tin plating. Our factory is based in the Bhosari MIDC area where all electroplating services being made.

ASP Ultra Coating, Bhosari Pune is ISO certified with quality, perfection and on-time services which are the foundation for our reputation so far. ASP Ultra Coating mostly has faith in transparency, long term relationship, reliability, and responsibility.

Establishing the electroplating industry in India, ASP Ultra Coating is recognized for its high standard services at a very reasonable cost. We are equipped with the latest group of machines and our engineers are highly trained. Our engineers can support you to improve the performance, quality, and durability of products. ASP Ultra Coating follows the strictest test method and all our coatings are tested as each the appropriate standards.

Our Mission

  • To be the complete solution provider in plating industry, and spread our business across the India.
  • Make our services more accessible to clients in order to maximize our business and bring efficiency in plating industry.
  • Offering expertise and support continuously to clients services to develop ASP Ultra Coating.

Our Vision

  • ASP Ultra Coating striving to make our clients happy with our commitment to delivering high-quality services.
  • Provide expertise and best-value plating solution to our customers.
  • To provide just and vibrant workplaces that bring up respect, teamwork, education, and opportunities to our employee’s advancement.